Daily Prompt: Patience

via Daily Prompt: Patience</"Patience" and "Patients" these two words are the essence of my life.Apart from the rhyming these words are actually the epicentre around which my noble profession revolves.So much so that quite often I have used them interchangeably. Whereas "patience" is the primary asset I am supposed to have as a dentist and Patients are my bread and butter.Often I used to ponder that if there are clients and customers in other business or arenas.Why are ours called patients?Then suddenly an idea struck:coz they have to have this trait PATIENCE to face their disease.These two terms are inter-related and bonded for me.But,sometimes it is difficult for me to decide who has the last laugh PATIENCE or PATIENTS as the former has given me energy and ability to interact with the latter.So,for me both go hand in hand.

Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

via Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

Wrinkle not just a word,a transformation which depicts that change is the law of nature, nothing is static.Wrinkle can be defined according to the area and space it covers.If it appears on a damsel’s face it is scary for her.On a writer’s face it’s the indication of a deep thought encroaching the mind.On a mother’s face it signifies the concern for the child.A wrinkled face is an asset in old age.It symbolizes the bitter and sweet experiences a person has had throughout the journey of life.Wrinkle defines the age;mindset,emotions and what not.A wide andcomplete array of feelings develop on seeing”Wrinkle”

Daily Prompt: Noise

Daily Prompt: Noise a word that sounds not too smooth to the ears but still an essence of everyday’s life.The interpretations and applications might be different but the source is the same.What might sound music to one’s ears might be noise for some.It might be ranging from a baby’s cry to ringing bells to speakers emitting certain loud sounds or as a matter of fact simply honking.Scientifically,sound frequencies higher than 85 dB are considered harmful and irritating if the ears are constantly exposed to it.Basically,sound and noise are both vibrations travelling through different forms of matter.The difference lies in perception and the taste of one’s ears.